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In ROLE MODEL a group of six women stand strong together: masculine, feminine, intrepid, insecure, rough, gentle. In revealing their vulnerability they emanate strength and show the value of taking pride in yourself.

Six radically different performers with backgrounds in urban dance styles from hip hop and house dance to waacking and vogueing meet in the abstract artistic world of Nicole Beutler and co-creator Magne van den Berg: virtuoso dance in a sea of subtle meaning.

ROLE MODEL is a performance that celebrates individuality and diversity. In song, dance, spoken word, and a few well-aimed karate kicks, the women present a potent image of empowerment. Driven by the atmospheric and compelling soundtrack by Beutler’s regular composer Gary Shepherd / DJ Streamer, this energetic dance concert provides food for thought for young and old. 

A performance suitable for 12 years and (much) older


ROLE MODEL brings together the urban dance world of DOX with the abstract and richly layered theatre of Nicole Beutler and Magne van den Berg. The work of choreographer Nicole Beutler lies at the intersection of fine art, theatre and dance, and always poses profound questions about the world around us. She investigates human issues with a drive to explore fresh influences. DOX is a Utrecht-based production house for urban arts which creates performances and events with a new generation of makers and young performers in the Netherlands and beyond. Beutler regularly works with Magne van den Berg. Their collaborations include LIEFDESVERKLARING (voor altijd), LIEFDESVERKLARING (2014), Piece (2011) and 1: SONGS (2010). Van den Berg is renowned as a writer for theatre and a director of her own work. It is a partnership guaranteed to produce thought-provoking, high-energy performances laced with humour.

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Cast & Credits

Direction: Nicole Beutler and Magne van den Berg
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: Anne Fay Kops, Debbie Ruijter, Deschny Rogers, Djinti Sullivan, Lucinda Wessels, Tamara Robledo Oud
Performance 2019: Debbie Ruijter, Deschny Rogers, Djinti Sullivan, Lucinda Wessels, Tamara Robledo Oud, Anne-Fay Kops / Sophia Mason
Texts in collaboration with the dancers / Text coach: Magne van den Berg
Music: Gary Shepherd (DJ Streamer)
Costumes: Jessica Helbach
Scenography and light design: Sascha van Riel
Répétiteur: Anne Suurendonk
Technicians: Peter Goudswaard, Jeroen Smith, Arne Haijtink
Production: DOX en Nicole Beutler Projects
With thanks to: Hildegard Draaijer, Victor Mentink, Djahan Mazhari (kalarippayat training), Amber Vineyard (vogueing masterclass)
Photography campaign: Kamerich & Budlowitz-EYES2
Graphic design campaign: No Stresz
Scene photography: Anja Beutler
Photography publicity photo: Tatchatrin Choeychom
Teasers: Lost Project
Trailer: Bas de Brouwer
Made possible by:Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Gemeente Utrecht
Acquisition & tour planning: Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi